Our face-paint artists engage and entertain, ensuring that every guest feels like the star of the show. Watch in awe as faces become living works of art before your eyes. It makes everybody happy!
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Whimsical Face-Painting Magic: A Palette of Smiles for Your Party in Hawaii! 🎨


Would it be a fair assessment that Hawaiian face painters have decorated about half the population of the islands at one time or another? That’s how popular they are – you see them at birthday parties, street fairs, school carnivals, events at the resorts…wherever Islanders gather to celebrate! There aren’t a lot of them across the four major islands, but chances are you’ve come across your island’s face painters from time to time over the years.

 Hawaii Birthday Party Entertainment is Our Specialty

What’s the best part of face-painting? First, watching the line of kids waiting in excited anticipation. Second, watching a child (or adult) getting the first strokes of paint on their face. They’re either holding their breath or chattering nonstop in excitement! And then that special feeling of transformation that follows. Doesn’t take a whole costume, just the magic of a face painter’s little bit of art.

That’s why you booked this type of entertainer for your event. Makes you so darn happy — creating memorable moments – yours and the guests.

Thinking about hiring a Face Painter?

Professional Party Entertainment Fits Any Budget in Hawaii

At Party Aloha, we’re passionate about turning every event into a canvas of joy and enchantment. Face-painters are the most-requested entertainers! And you can see why.

You have options suited to your event – from our enchanting Basic Face-Painting Package to booking additional services. We fit your budget. And your time constraints. And the purpose of your event.

Why Hire Professional Face Painters in Hawaii

A Splash of Imagination

Our talented face-paint artists are here to make your child’s dreams come true. You decide how much time the artist will spend on each child – do you want simple charming designs for many participants? Or more complex designs from intricate butterflies to ferocious tigers, from sparkling fairies to favorite cartoon characters? Our face-painters can bring any character or design to life.

Affordable Fun With the Basic Face Painting Package

Our Basic Face-Painting Service includes popular designs and characters to choose from, ensuring that many guests can participate within a two-hour time frame. This service is budget-friendly, yet it brings a world of wonder to your event.

Face Painting is Perfect for All Ages

Whether it’s a grand birthday bash, a themed masquerade ball, a corporate gala, or a festive family reunion, our face-painting experience adds a layer of enchantment and artistry that transcends age. Everyone loves the thrill of being part of something extraordinary.

Face Painting is Interactive Entertainment

Our face-painting artists do more than just create beautiful designs; they create unforgettable moments. Some face painters can add balloon twisting or simple magic tricks to your event.

Our artists engage and entertain, ensuring that every guest feels like the star of the show. Watch in awe as faces become living works of art before your eyes. Wherever you’ve got kids, we know how to please them!

Hawaii Face Painting Booking

The Basic Package Provides a Fun Event!

🎁 The Basic Package Includes:

A skilled face-painter for a set amount of time, fully insured.

A selection of classic and popular designs, perfect for all ages.

High-quality, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic face paints.

The joy of watching your guests’ faces light up as they’re transformed into their chosen characters.


Create Your Own Custom Face Painting Package

Elevate your celebration to a whole new level with our Custom Face-Painting Packages. We understand that every event is unique. That’s why we’ve created this premium offering to make your special occasion an artful masterpiece filled with joy and enchantment.

From the Basic Package, add on

  • a glitter package
  • metallic paints
  • temporary tattoos
  • additional time to create from an extensive catalog of designs and characters
  • more than one face-painter for an extended duration
  • personalized designs, custom creations based on guests’ requests.

We understand that every event is unique; that’s why we give you the opportunity to tailor our services  to make your special occasion an artful masterpiece filled with joy and enchantment.


We Care About Your Face Painting Event

To protect your face-painting event, we carry liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Our face painters use hypoallergenic pigments, similar to makeup, safer for kiddos.

We clean our brushes, sponges, use q-tips and skin-safe glue.

Allow time for the painter to set up, some have extensive kits for speciality items. Do they have access to a sink or bathroom? Do they need a small table and a couple of chairs?

Consider the Schedule: 10 – 14 kids in an hour for simpler designs. Consider the age of the children. Very young kids may take longer  to choose designs and colors, and sitting still for the painting.

We can’t paint over skin conditions, or on sick individuals. If children are reluctant sitters, please don’t force them to do so. Keep this a happy activity!

In-Demand Face Painters Live on the Four Major Islands

If there’s an event scheduled somewhere in the islands, don’t be surprised to see our face Painters there! But they are a limited bunch, always in demand. And in December and the spring it can seem like everyone wants their party on the same weekend.

🌟 Book Your Face Painter Today

Make your event extraordinary either with our Basic Face-Painting Service or a customized experience. Our talented face artists will turn your guests into works of art, one brushstroke at a time. Book this enchanting service today and give your celebration a magical touch. Don’t miss out!

📞 Contact us now to reserve your date, and let the artistry begin! Smiles, laughter, and cherished memories await. 🎉