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We Love Costumed Characters — and So Do Kids!

We aren’t wedding planners, but Party Aloha has been asked to provide hula dancers for Hawaiian destination weddings, and even a mermaid on the beach!

Yes, those are the more exotic costumed characters we’ve provided to make someone’s dream come true. We are in the happiness business, after all (what a great business to be in)!

Of course, seasonal characters like Santa and the Easter Bunny are always in demand at their peak times of the year. And we love making corporate events fun, too.

Hire a Party Character – Princess/Superhero

But day in and day out, the most calls for costumed characters comes from parents throwing a child’s birthday party at home. Can you guess the most popular characters requested? If you answered “princess parties for girls, superheros for boys,” you are tuned in!

On the four major islands, we definitely work to bring the magic of a favorite character directly to kids. Seeing their favorite character brought to life is guaranteed to put a smile on every child’s face!

Characters Attend More Than Birthday Parties

Characters are great fun for more than kids’ parties and birthdays – they really fit at any event where little ones will be present. Themed events are popular for hiring specific characters – got a pirate adventure or medieval King Arthur in mind? You also might consider booking a popular party character to mingle with guests and pose for photos at any family-friendly event like a school fair, festival, or community gathering.

Please note that we aren’t marketing copyright-branded characters from companies such as Disney or Marvel. Characters are generic, evoking the fantasy. But we know the right actor to “save the day,” able to portray a specific character you may request on your registration form.


Party Aloha’s Tips for Successful Costumed Character Visits

Having entertained at hundreds of parties, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions and concerns – plus our tips for making the most happy time with a costumed visitor.

 Booking Your Professional Costumed Character

The first thing you need to know before you get too far into your planning is what character you want most. It’s also good to have some backup options in case we can’t offer your number one choice. Performers are island-specific.

Keep in mind that the majority of family events are scheduled for weekend afternoons and evenings. You may have chosen a very popular weekend. If you must have a specific day and time, book your costumed character as soon as you can. Resorts also book characters far in advance for their numerous events, especially around holidays when they have an influx of visitors to entertain. They know there are a limited number of performers who dress up as Santa, for instance.

Party Aloha fully insures our performers, so your event is covered. You can even add your event to our umbrella coverage for the day for an extra layer of protection.

If you’re not having the event at home, make sure your venue allows outside costumed characters to come in. This is true, and often overlooked when hosting at venues catering to children’s parties.  Don’t assume your professional hire will get in the door if they compete with the venue’s rules!

 Appropriate Level of Interaction

Considering the age of your child and guests, what’s your child’s expectation of interaction with a beloved character? What do you expect of the performer?

Of course, you’re incorporating your child’s interests, maybe even considering interactive entertainment such as balloon twisting. Your number one desire is creating happy memories, photo albums that last forever. However, we can’t stress this often enough, but this depends entirely on the age of the children.

Is this a 1st Birthday Celebration with lots of adults in attendance? Make sure it’s not a scary or overwhelming experience. You don’t know for sure how your child will react to being the center of attention on a hyped-up day with a larger-than-life popular character. Keep everything relaxed.

Of course, you’ll have worked out details with the performer. But some things to keep in mind – is the performer there to entertain the young guest of honor, all kids, or both child and adult guests?

Will they be there just for photos, or to sing with children, read a story, play games, bring along some puppets? Or have some one-on-one time with the birthday child?

Do some guests monopolize the character actor? The character is not the babysitter or in charge of discipline. You are.

Where the Character Performs is Important

How much room are you allowing for interacting? Is your child expecting to dance around to a theme song? Once your guests fill up your living room or family room, is there room for the character to move around?

If an actor is performing outside, make sure there’s shade. Is a little mic needed? Do you have enough seating? Most actors show up in costume as the character.  Or will they need a place to change? At any rate, provide access to a bathroom.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Costumed Character?

On average, professional characters cost $75-$450 per hour around Hawaii — depending on the specific location and details. And in general, most parties book them for an hour’s visit. Consider the size of your event and the number of children who will be present when deciding how long to book your characterr. The popularity and availability of a character, the length of travel time, can increase the price.

When planning larger, longer events you might consider hiring multiple party characters to mingle and interact with your guests.

 Customize Your Entertainment Value on This Special Day

If you’d like to add on some activities to the basic package, some costumed characters do offer additional skills. Balloon-twisting or simple face painting are popular combinations, even some magic tricks can be added in. Party Aloha will help you craft a perfect party with your island’s talent.

Anything Else?

Make sure you sign your contract and make the deposit. Read the details about cancellations, background checks, and insurance. Character actors are independent contractors, and the deposit secures the date for your event. They can’t take something else, they must allow travel time between events; your character actor plans to arrive at your party ready to entertain!

But still, as much as everyone looks forward to creating a magical event with you, last-minute issues can arise. Please have a Plan B, just in case. There were parties scheduled on Big Island the day Mauna Loa blew up in December 2022!


📞 Contact us now to reserve your date, and let the anticipation begin! Magical moments, happiness, and cherished memories await your child. 🎉

Children’s smile guaranteed! Make your event so entertaining!

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