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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a tropical twist? At Party Aloha, we specialize in bringing the enchantment of Christmas to the Hawaiian Islands. Join us as we explore the many ways you can make your holiday event unforgettable: not only featuring the iconic Santa Claus, but also the delightful additions of balloons, face painting, and a photo booth. Get ready for a festive journey filled with joy, laughter, and the spirit of aloha!



We are fully insured and hire professional children’s entertainers

At Party Aloha, we prioritize the safety and enjoyment of your event. Rest assured, we are fully insured, providing you with peace of mind as you plan your festivities.

You can also add an additional insured certificate that lists you / your event venue onto our insurance for your event.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our team of professional children’s entertainers. This ensures every performer is not only talented and skilled, they are also trained to create a secure and delightful environment for the children at your event. Your celebration is not just an event for us; it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories. We take every measure to make it a joyful and worry-free experience for you and your guests.


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Party Aloha has Santas on the four major Hawaiian islands for family gatherings & corporate events

Ah, the magic of Santa Claus! As children, we’re taught that Santa travels in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, soaring through the snowy night sky to deliver gifts around the world.

By the time he reaches the enchanted Hawaiian Islands, we do things a little bit differently.

Santa can even dress like he’s taking an Aloha-break, if you want him to!

While Santa might not be taking a sleigh between islands, he’s certainly putting his own unique twist on the Christmas tradition.




Rent a Professional Santa for your Holiday Party

While Santa’s mode of transportation and outfit may vary from island to island, one thing remains consistent: his unwavering commitment to spreading joy, love, and the magic of Christmas to children of all ages.

Whether he’s cruising in a jeep, catching waves, or hula dancing under the stars, Santa brings a touch of island magic to the holiday season.

Party Aloha has Santas ready to deliver a very traditional look that’s straight from the North Pole. Red suit, red velvet hat, black boots, and of course, the Beard. That’s the classic Santa look your kids are expecting and we deliver it.

However, if you want some island flair, invite Santa to wear his Aloha shirt instead!



Costume Beards and Real-Bearded Santas

A real bearded Santa adds authenticity for young children expecting Santa with that real white beard, while adults may appreciate the classic charm of a costume bearded Santa from their childhood.

Generally, a real bearded Santa is a year-round professional Santa. A costume Santa is a professional entertainer who usually performs as other characters or as a face painter during the rest of the year.

The Santa Dilemma: Real Beard or Costume Beard?

As the holiday season approaches, believe it or not, one of the crucial decisions event organizers face is whether to bring in a Santa with a real beard or one donning a costume beard. Each option has its unique charm, and the choice often depends on the ambiance you wish to create for your Christmas celebration.

The Santa with a costume beard represents the classic and iconic image we all know and love. This version of Santa is consistent with the traditional imagery that has been ingrained in our holiday celebrations.

There’s also an undeniable charm when Santa arrives with a real beard. The authenticity adds a touch of magic to the Christmas experience, especially for the younger attendees who might be mesmerized by the idea of meeting the “real” Santa Claus.

Real-bearded Santas usually charge more as they require additional preparation and long-term grooming. Costume-beard Santas offer a more straightforward and cost-effective solution so more people can play the role of Santa.

A real bearded Santa exudes warmth and approachability. The genuine facial hair creates a connection that goes beyond the costume, making the Santa experience more personal and heartwarming.

Ultimately, the choice depends on the preferences of your audience and the atmosphere you want to create. And #1 consideration: is he available on your island for the date/time you want?


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Tips for Hiring Santa in Hawaii on Your Island


  • Plan Ahead for Peak Dates: Santa is a busy man, especially during peak holiday times. To secure your preferred date and time, plan ahead and book as early as possible. This not only ensures availability but also gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect Santa for your event.


  • Provide Detailed Information: When reaching out to book Santa, furnish detailed information about your event. Include the date, time, location, and any specific requests or themes you have in mind. The more information you provide upfront, the better Santa can tailor their appearance to suit your event.


  • Clarify Services and Inclusions: Clearly outline the services you expect from Santa. Discuss the duration of Santa’s presence, any special activities or interactions you’d like, and additional services such as handing out gifts or posing for photographs. Having these details clarified ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience.


  • Ask About Costume Options: Inquire about costume options to align Santa’s appearance with your event’s theme. Some Santas offer various outfits, from traditional to more casual or themed attire. Discussing this beforehand allows you to customize Santa’s look to complement the atmosphere of your event.


  • Consider Location, Seating, and Lighting: Choose a suitable location for Santa’s appearance, taking into account the overall event flow and accessibility. Ensure there’s a comfortable chair for Santa, creating an inviting and festive atmosphere. Pay attention to lighting, as a well-lit area enhances the magical ambiance and ensures beautiful photographs.


  • Discuss Arrival and Departure Details: Clearly communicate logistics regarding Santa’s arrival and departure. Confirm the expected arrival time to coordinate any special entrances or surprises. Additionally, discuss how Santa will make a graceful exit, ensuring the magic lingers even as the event concludes.


A Holly-Jolly Word to the Wise: Book Santa Early

The large resorts book Santa a year-and-a-half in advance! You know he’s a very popular guy during December! You don’t want to miss booking him for your holiday event.


Consider Booking Santa for an Alternate Time/Date

Suppose you can’t get Santa for the exact time of your weekend event? And what if Christmas Eve is a jam-up for the Big Guy? Have fun creating a scenario when Santa is more available for families, like on a weeknight! On the islands, everything is local — and possible — with some flexibility, Christmas carols, cookies, and Christmas spirit.







Santa’s Island-Hopping Adventure

Create a Tropical Christmas Extravaganza with Party Aloha! As Santa prepares for his island-hopping adventure, Party Aloha invites you to embrace the magic of Christmas with a tropical twist. Book Santa along with our delightful entertainers for an unforgettable holiday event. From balloons soaring with joy to faces painted with festive cheer, and memorable moments captured in a photo booth, your celebration is destined to be extraordinary.

Make this Christmas a time of laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories with Party Aloha! Book your tropical Christmas experience today and let the magic begin.


Renting Santa and Friends is Different on Each Island

You can rent Santa and add his helpers!

Add an Elf, Mrs. Claus, or even a Reindeer!

Maybe the Grinch?

Characters vary per island so submit a quote with what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know the prices and who’s available.




A Sun-Kissed Santa

The jolly old elf may just surprise your guests by trading in his traditional attire for something that screams “vacation.” Donning shorts and sunglasses, he’s all set to soak up the sun.  After all, coming from the frozen north, can you blame Santa for wanting to enjoy our laid-back island vibe? Ah, Christmas in our tropical paradise!

Kauai’s Jeep Santa

One of the Santas on Kauai is known for his adventurous spirit. Instead of a sleigh, he’s jeeping to your shindig!  His rosy cheeks and warm ‘Aloha’ Ho-Ho-Ho brings the magic of Christmas to the Garden Isle, making every stop a festive and memorable celebration.

Surfing Santa

Dude! After he’s done delivering presents, you might find Santa trying to catch some waves along the North Shore before joining your beachside barbecue. Santa certainly embraces the spirit of ‘ohana,’ sharing the joy of the season with us locals.

Santa knows how to make an entrance if you’re hosting him at a local resort or hotel. He arrives in style in a golf cart! He might be ready to hit the links after working hard all year.

It Wouldn’t Be A Hawaiian Christmas Without Hula

While traditional Santa can be accompanied by Mrs. Claus or an Elf if you’d like, perhaps Santa brings along a hula dancer. Like all visitors, Santa enjoys the islands’ cultural celebrations. We can’t guarantee Santa has practiced his hula skills with so much holiday prep to get done. But adding a touch of aloha spirit to a gathering puts everyone in a festive mood.


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Adding More Magic with Santa: Balloons, Face Painting, and Photo Booth Fun!

At Party Aloha, we believe in creating a complete holiday experience. Elevate your celebration by considering these additional entertainers:

  • Balloons That Soar with Joy: Bring joy to your event with balloon twisting. Imagine Santa surprising your little ones with whimsical balloon animals or festive sculptures, adding vibrant color and delight to the atmosphere.


  • Face Painting for Festive Faces: Transform your guests into holiday characters with face painting. From red Rudolph’s noses to snowflakes, our skilled artists can turn faces into canvases, adding a unique and festive touch to your gathering.


  • Capture the Moments with a Photo Booth: Create lasting memories with a photo booth. Guests can don festive props, posing for pictures that become instant keepsakes. It’s a fun interactive way to make your event unforgettable.





Benefits of Including Additional Party Entertainment:

  • Entertainment Variety: Offering a diverse range of activities ensures that guests of all ages and interests are engaged throughout the event.


  • Interactive Fun: Balloon twisting, face painting, and photo booths create an interactive atmosphere, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the celebration.


  • Memorable Moments: The creations and photos become cherished memories for attendees, making your event the talk of the town.


  • Versatile Themes: These entertainers seamlessly adapt to various themes, elevating the festive ambiance of your Christmas celebration.



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Fun Stories of Real-Life Santas

Reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is a yearly tradition. Here are some true Party Aloha stories about Santa to celebrate the magic of Christmas. And then we hope you’ll create your own Santa story this year with your family!


Santa Story #1

Our owner’s personal relationship with Santa Claus!

Believe it or not, my grandpa was Santa! Well, a mall Santa, the fill-in for the REAL guy. You know them well, probably having sat upon various Santa laps for a photo when you were growing up.

All during the holiday season, Grandpa answered his home phone with a boisterous “Ho-Ho-Ho!” He sure sounded like the real deal. He loved being Santa at his local zoo in Ohio and even got recruited as a high-end Santa at the fancy Chicago malls. He’s got to be in over a million people’s Santa photos!

During one of our last visits together, sure enough, while we were sitting out in public (in normal clothes), several little kids approached Grandpa, sat on his lap, and proceeded to recite their whole wish list! So, it turned out, his minor celebrity status followed him wherever he went, even in the summer. Santa is beyond mythical!


My Grandpa was “Discovered” When He Was Shopping at a Mall!

A Santa “scout” noted his long natural white beard in the ’90s when kids were starting to reject Santas with fake cotton beards. Kids wanted to interact with a real fake Santa! Aside from his resonant Ho-Ho-Ho, he also had the perfect figure to fill out the suit! No extra padding necessary. 🙂

What’s Life Like When You Look Like Santa?

Accepting the mall gig seemed like a perfect part-time job in retirement. A month of work. Only, he never dreamed he’d be working 12-hour days with no day off, having thousands of kids jumping onto his lap. Usually, he had a Mrs. Claus or Elf passing out candy canes. Grandpa ended up liking his December celebrity status so much he played Santa for 18 years! Every year he’d say that was his last one – though the mall or zoo would pleadingly call him back.

Now, Ohio is a pretty cold place – approximating the North Pole on many stormy evenings. Sometimes the little Santa hut they built for Grandpa lost electricity! Though he made sure the kids lined up outside still got his undivided attention during this annual holiday ritual. 

Sometimes Grandpa made his grand Santa entrance during his town of Toledo’s Christmas parade in a convertible, in a wagon, once in a helicopter! A couple of times they rented reindeer to accompany him. Each year was something different. Like Santas everywhere, he accommodated the party planners to create a personalized, happy family event.

All Santas Are Special

This is my tribute to just one of the thousands of men who inhabit the Santa spirit to make kids happy. Here in Hawaii, the tradition is carried on by fun-loving Santas who want to make sure your family is blessed as well. The smile-filled memories are what live on forever!

In the spirit of my grandpa, I’ve found Santas in the islands – maybe an unlikely place some might say. The Santa spirit is much like the Aloha spirit. And you can enjoy it during December when you hire a Santa for any occasion.  

Lauren, owner of Party Aloha


 Santa Story #2

This happened on Big Island just before Christmas, 2022. Mauna Loa erupted after dozing for 38 years! What timing! While exciting, our Big Island Santa was cut off from easily getting to his gig. Santas, as we’ve said, are a special breed – – braving all sorts of dangers to keep the magic of Christmas alive. Granted, an exploding volcano was a new one.

Santa and the Volcano…an extra challenge in Hawaii!

The volcano completely rerouted Santa’s normal route from Hilo to Kona. Drat, he didn’t have a magical sleigh to whizz over the island. But not to be deterred by bursts of molten lava or falling black ash (not quite the typical white stuff we imagine at Christmas), Santa jumped into his trusty gas-powered vehicle. With nearly the same legendary powers, he zigzagged across the island on backroads. And being Santa, of course, he arrived at the party on time. That’s the spirit of an Aloha Santa in Hawaii!




Santa Story #3

One Santa had a daughter who was a school teacher. Red, as he was known, had played Santa for his own four kids in the 60s and donned the suit for company parties over the years. He’d been a mall Santa, too. His daughter gave him a jacket embroidered with a picture of Santa in a hammock on the back. It read “On Vacation,” plus a baseball cap with the same message. People – especially teens and young adults – came up to him all year long telling him what they wanted for Christmas. He loved it!

Each year when her second grade class got around to mentioning Santa or Christmas or presents during the season, Red’s daughter would tell the kids her dad was Santa. Of course, there’d be a lively debate about whether this was even possible! As the children pondered this piece of unbelievable news, you could see it blowing all notions of who their teacher was to bits. There were questions about elves, toys, Rudolph, Mrs. Claus (who did exist, being married to Red). 

A Direct Phone Line to Santa is Every Kid’s Dream

One year during such a discussion, one of the seven-year-olds came up to the teacher’s chair, pushing back her hair. “What are you doing?” Red’s daughter asked.

“Well,” the astute child answered, “Santa is an elf. If you were really his daughter, you’d have elf ears, too!” Ooopsie.

About that time, Red’s daughter would pick up her phone saying they’d call Santa directly and settle this once-and-for-all. Most kids would argue this wasn’t possible. Sometimes she gave a doubting child the number to dial directly on the classroom phone.  Disbelief turned somersaults when a deep merry voice answered the phone.

The teacher explained to her real dad, aka Santa, that she had a group of unbelievers sitting around her – they simply wouldn’t accept that she was the daughter of Santa.  

“Oh, but she is!” replied the imp on the line. “I can tell you her exact birthdate!”

“Was she born at the North Pole?”

“No, we weren’t at the North Pole right then, but she was born in another very cold place. Now she’s all grown up. But she still loves Santa. You can’t get too big for Santa.”

The teacher could tell the kids went on to discuss all this curious information on the playground for awhile. Given the kids’ age, it wasn’t her place to pop the news about Santa…that was a family thing. However, she got a big surprise one day from the dad of a sixth grader.

Spilling the Tea About Santa

“Thanks a lot for spoiling our family tradition,” he told the teacher gruffly. “We’ve been trying to keep the Santa tradition alive for our daughter – the magic, you know.”

Whether word had swept up to the older grades, or kids who had participated in the direct phone conversation when they were seven had broken the news, the teacher hadn’t taught that twelve-year-old in the younger grade. But apparently, it was well-known around school that the teacher was indeed Santa’s daughter. This sixth grader, new to the school, must have heard it on the kid grapevine. Kinda hard to keep such big news a secret!


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To create your own Santa story and memories this season, be sure to…

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Booking Santa Promises To Delight YOUR Holiday Event 

While Santa’s mode of transportation and outfit may vary from island to island, one thing remains consistent: his unwavering commitment to spreading joy, love, and the magic of Christmas to children of all ages. Whether he’s cruising in a jeep, catching waves, or hula dancing under the stars, Santa brings a touch of island magic to the holiday season.





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